Centre aquatique Auréo


The AURÉO inter-municipal aquatic centre is the the biggest project the Bayeux Intercom district council has ever undertaken. It is a major, structuring facility for the area which will meet the many demands and needs of users.

Despite the operating costs of this kind of facility, the increasing budgetary pressures on local authorities and the changing ways in which facilities are used, the provision of public services designed to meet the needs of everyone is an absolute priority for Bayeux Intercom.

Bayeux Intercom has made the ambitious and courageous decision to manage this facility directly, enabling the district council to ensure its public service remit by providing:

  • extended opening hours;
  • several timeslots devoted to use by schools and clubs;
  • prices which are controlled and within everyone’s reach

The facility will be operated by 17 full-time staff covering entrance/information, supervision, monitoring, management etc.

Patrick Gomont, President of Bayeux Intercom, and all the elected representatives of the district council are delighted to invite you to dive into the Bessin pool !